Sunday, May 30, 2010

Who likes fresh peas?

In Chatham we marked the beginning of summer with the arrival of fresh peas in the garden. It is the same here. The difference is that in Chatham we were eating our first peas on the 4th of July and here it is Memorial Day.

I was shelling peas for dinner tonight and decided to see who in the barnyard might enjoy this SPECIAL treat.

Beau studied them carefully but didn't try any. Hildegard hoped they would be a special treat but turned away also and then couldn't believe Sarah and Annie gobbled them down (the peas and the pods).

The chickens are no fools but they preferred the inside.

We prefer the insides too either raw or thrown into boiling water for 1 to 1 1/2 minutes. YUM!!!!!

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  1. We had our first peas last night too. I could have posted this same blog entry only my goats and chickens weren't offered the insides (your sheep are very spoiled you know), only the pods. About half of them ate them. I did give Yogi two whole peas. He shelled them and ate only the peas.