Thursday, May 27, 2010

Help has arrived

What a difference it makes having help with farm projects especially someone good at figuring things out and interesting to talk to. A friend's son, home for the summer, has come to help me get caught up with stuff or at least make a dent. I feel SO good about what we have accomplished in the last two days and now look forward to the extra things this will make time for.

Today I washed some more fleece but am not sure yet if I will be happy with the results. The issue is the greece in wool. The wash water has to be Hot and you have to use enough of the right kind of cleaning agent. Amelia's fleece still has greece I think so I did more reading. Several people say Dawn dish detergent is what they use and the blue original is apparently the best. Also the fleece must move freely in the wash water but not to much movement or you can run into felting issues. There is a difference of opinion on several of the steps so experimentation is highly recommended. Tomorrow I will buy some Dawn, use alot, and check the temperature of the water.

On Thursdays I go up to Valley Slot Car to help with the races and I leave around 4:00. With the chickens coming out more and staying out later, I was afraid I would have a hard time getting them to go in early. I decided to use the sheep trick--give them grain in the coop. It worked!!! I was feeling like "I have this all figured out" and then turned around to see that I had left the gate to the barnyard open ( I have never done this before) and Beau and Mira had walked out. Fortunately, I got to the gate before the other five sheep and closed it quickly. I have a backup plan if the chickens won't go in early-- I can call a neighbor who will come by later and close the chickens in but Beau and the sheep is another story. But alas, Beau decided to give me a break and come back in for grain with Mira following. I told him thank you several times.

Some days things go according to plan--now if it just doesn't rain until morning.....

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  1. Good luck washing the fleece and getting the grease out!

    I'm glad Beau was behaving. Some days do go well and others, well, don't. lol I guess you never know what the day will bring.