Saturday, May 22, 2010

I hope I have learned from my mistake

I am devastated! I am SO ______. I blog about taking the time to watch and then ....... I am so upset. I usually take a long time to do something but today I was in a hurry to set the bluebird box up for the bluebirds and was totally careless.

I opened the birdhouse to clean it and found some, what I thought were, old eggs. I thought they were old unhatched abandoned eggs because we are on our front porch several times a day and we had not seen any bird activity. So I took the nest with eggs in it out and put it on the shelf where the bird house was (a couple of feet from the front door) and put the bluebird house on the post as planned. A couple of hours later a storm passed through and blew the nest over spilling the eggs which cracked. I couldn't believe it- they were viable eggs (bluebird eggs)! THEN I googled bluebirds after I fully realized what I had done.

I had no idea that bluebirds would nest in a birdhouse a couple of feet from a front door in a house on a shelf. I thought they were elusive and particular about where they nested. I didn't know what their eggs looked like. I had no idea that they can leave eggs for a long time when it is warm. I thought if there were eggs the mom was on them. Was I born yesterday?

All I can do now is forgive myself and hope that the bluebirds will build a new nest. I told them I was sorry. From what I read they can build nests quickly and have several broods a year. At least now I know a bit about bluebirds. Now I pledge to watch MORE closely and pay more attention to the life around me.

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  1. Susan, farm life (all life) is about learning. When we stop learning well you know. I'm sure the blue birds forgive you. I'm sure their eggs have met worse fate. Love you blogs even if I don't comment every time. Do you ever worry we are all going to leave our jobs and city lives and come join you? Karen talked about bartering. I could cook and clean house (though I am a better cook than house keeper.) I don't think I would be good at sheering sheep.