Wednesday, July 20, 2016

What Are The Odds?

Back from Chicago!!  It was a good trip except for the 11 hour train delay, going out.  I went to help one of my sisters  pack for a move.  The first 3 delays were for trees on the track.  Apparently, a storm passed in front of us knocking down many trees.  At least I was sitting next to a woman with much in common and we talked about dung beetles and broody chickens.  She even showed me a video she had taken of a dung beetle rolling dung.  What are the odds to find such interesting conversation on a delayed train.  It was amazing. For a video from the internet, see the last post.

While I was gone John took care of the farm.  One night he was doing double duty because a neighbor was away and needed his chicken coop closed.  Somehow, in all the craziness, the coop here, did not get closed that night.  So a predator in the night snatched a chicken.  After that, some of the chickens were afraid to go back and chose bad places to roost.  Now we are down to 4 resident chickens.  One night- what are the odds?

So, my moving sister, found a guy to move her things for a great price.  I packed around 20 boxes and then there were, of course, the furniture pieces that don't get boxed.  I like to kid her by saying, "what are the odds" that her things will make it to their destination.  And if they do, what are the odds that she will be able to find what she needs without opening all the boxes, which she doesn't want to do because she will be moving shortly to another house.

I guess we all take chances, in one way or the other every day. And most of the time things work out O.K.