Thursday, January 25, 2018


A beautiful day and I needed to get outside so I decided to let the sheep out of there regular space.  As I was letting them out the lower gate, I heard a loud fluttering of wings.  It was sister chicken flying up to the top of the barnyard fence.  This is the first time she has done that since the dog attack.

It was a long recovery and I decided to let her do it in her time.  Today was her time.  All the animals seemed to thoroughly enjoy themselves.  The sheep grazed in the cabin yard, the chickens scratched at some grain by the garage barn and then went over to hangout under the forsythia bush.  The chickens have been in the coop for so long that the kitten maybe didn't remember them.  Little Gray thought they were interesting and decided to check them out.  Then on to other fun things like batting at something and then half practicing prowling.  Mama cat just watched.  She was partially hidden under the cabin deck and as Charlotte went around the corner she was startled by the cat, for a moment.  The geese minded their own business and did't harass anyone. Sooooo peaceful.  I love days like this.

The sheep have been so patient with me these mornings.  Because of all the new things I have to do first thing, I have been getting down to the barn late.  They are just glad to see me.  Little Gray was waiting in a different place and seemed to be trying to get my attention but all in all they seem to be willing to wait while I do some things for John.

John is getting along.  Tomorrow, he is going to try to walk down to the barnyard.  Probably to thank the animals for their patience.  The only time he has been out of the house is to go to PT or the doctor appointment. Yesterday, we saw the pictures of the new knee parts.  Pretty amazing. John's doctor is happy with how everything is going but John just wants to have less pain and more flexibility.  I think he needs to get out more, like I thought the chickens  should get out more but I have decided to let him do it in his time.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Organization and Balance

Two words that I could live with for a year, for sure.  In this context, I am referring to life on the farm this week.  Someone on the farm had a double knee replacement last week and it wasn't any of the sheep, geese, or chickens.

One really has to get organized when adding in all the elements of nursing on top of farming.  Saturday, I felt like I was walking in circles all afternoon. Then Charlie and I built a platform to make the reclining chair high enough to get in and out of.  We did pretty well but the animals had to wait for their dinner.  Yesterday, Lyndy came over and we built a plywood exercise plate.  Lyndy made two different yummy soups for the coming week and helped me bring a few loads of wood up to the porch.  We were looking amazingly organized.

And the balance.  First nursing items, then a cup of tea for me, then the animals.  Then breakfast for me, and a few minutes to write and then back to nursing.

I have a superb patient, a warm house, and plenty of food to eat.


Thursday, January 11, 2018


My word for the year is "Words".  I love words.  I love how many together can tell a story. I like to consider them individually as well.  I especially like certain words for the message they convey and others for the intrinsic beauty of their sound. Some are favored for the way they look.

 I was recently riding a commuter train into NYC.  Next to me sat a man of Asian decent reading a soft bound book from right to left filled with what I call characters.  Does he call them words or are some characters phrases? Hmm.

Sometimes when I go down to see the animals I am very chatty other times we hangout for awhile in silence.  I have not determined which they prefer.  I think as long as touch and/or food is part of the encounter words are not all that important.

I am much more accomplished with the written word than the spoken word.  I prefer to use the written word if I am conveying an important thought.  At meetings, after carrying on for awhile, someone will ask "what are you trying to say" or "what do you want".  If I can write a memo or email, I come across better.

  So, one thing I want to get out of this year of living with "words" IS trying to find the ones that tell others what I am trying to say, and leaving the extras for another time.

  I think this will be interesting.

Monday, January 1, 2018

Walking Back from the Barn on a Winter's Evening

Wind whooing in the woods, my footsteps plopping and jacket crinkling I head back to a warm home.
My companion turns cool in my hands, though it was hot when we started our trek.  

With my tea hot again and honeyed to sooth my cough, I put words on a page for the first time this year.

The lines above are in the font verdana.  I thought it was veranda which I always thought was a fun thing to call a porch.  I often misread a word.  First I am puzzled and then I usually have a good chuckle.  just an aside

If anyone is still reading this blog:  you may have noticed that entries have become scarce.  Here is what I think has been the issue........
I love to write and I love to take interesting photographs HOWEVER inserting a picture for the sake of having something to look at, is stressful and we all know I don't have my camera when it would be nice if I did OR I do and I don't use it.  Anyway, at one point I thought I needed to include pictures with blog entries (maybe Karen's fault) and so - all of the above working together= fewer blog entries.

Whoever said "a picture is worth a thousand words" took better pictures than I and I would like to say  a million pictures would not tell the story of my walk back from the barn this evening.  So I shall dump the stressful load and carry on.

Stay tuned for my word for 2018!   Can you guess it?

Happy New Year