Thursday, September 28, 2017

The Ones I Miss

Relationships with farm animals is different from those with domesticated animals for the most part.  I suppose some farmers get really close to a hog or goose or sheep or goat they have had for a long while but it is probably still not like the relationship they have with their trusted dog.

Little Mama died yesterday and I know I am going to miss her.  She is the only hen on the farm that has ever hatched out a baby chick and she hatched 4 beautiful babes.  I don't know if I felt closer to her because she was here so long or because she was a mother and had that motherly settledness about her.  She was a bantam chicken so she was quite small and this years chicks are 3 times her size.  Bantams are know for going broody.  Her chicks were apparently from Black's eggs that she sat on besides her own.  I wonder though, if they will go broody as they get older because they were raised so wonderfully by Little Mama.

I miss Hildegard, the first sheep to come here with her lamb Amelia.  I miss Beau, the first llama, who was quite a character.  I remember how he loved all the lambs when they were born and made sure they were cared for.  I miss Mary, one of Hildegard's lambs.  When she was sick, she used to come to me to see what I was going to give her that day.  She loved for me to sing to her.  We have been fortunate not to lose too many animals, except for chickens that don't live too long a life if they are free range.

With all the hurricane tragedies lately, I have thought about the animals that have been lost.  You don't here about the farm animals but I am sure there must have been many.  I can't imagine how hard it would be to leave your animal friends behind.

Here is a picture of Little Mama with Donald and Black.  She certainly was a sweetheart and I will miss her.

Friday, September 22, 2017

No Excuses

Last Saturday's Fall Farm Day, was busier than ever.  Six of us talked about, demonstrated, and taught, many things wool.  It was a fun day as usual; so many people interested in one aspect or another of the world of wool.  Tomorrow, a friend and I are going to the Shenandoah Fiber Festival in Berryville.  I like medium sized fiber festivals not too far away.  There seems to always be something new and fun to explore at this one.  They have more classes this year but we are not taking any.

I have so many new ideas floating through my head again that interfere with my sleep at night.  Fall is here and the weather is much better to be in the fiber shed.  Not much on my calendar for next week SO maybe  I can see if any of these ideas work.  Stay tuned.

So many beautiful plants about offering to be dye stuff for some wool.   I hope I can take advantage.  Maybe I should pick up some extra Alum tomorrow for mordant.  I think there are a few people around to help dye and now that there is a rain-barrow off the front porch the process will be so much easier.  And I have a bunch of big pots that were Kitty's.

Let's see-- new inspiration, good weather, people to help and not much on my calendar. Humm, Next week could be productive, finally.  No excuses!!!

Friday, September 15, 2017


to our own Izzy P.
who, as you can see
from the photo, did very well at the Rockbridge county fair.  Way to go
Izzy!  Next year I would encourage other campers from FARRR AWAY fiber camp at Cabin Spring Farm to enter their creations.

Annie's fleece placed 1st in Natural Colored sheep and Rosa's fleece placed 3rd.

A good year for Cabin Spring Farm.

I also entered pie pumpkins from the hugel.  They received a blue ribbon as well.

The bird house with the woven walls and felted roof won a red ribbon.

John took pictures of all but I need to transfer them from his computer.  The USB ports on my computer are not functioning well.

A friend and I demonstrated spinning and weaving for the fair last week and tomorrow it is off to Rockbridge Fall Farm Day.  It is a very busy time of year in the Fiber World.