Friday, April 16, 2021

This is Why I Do What I Do

 The Moon tonight is Brilliant!  When I went down to close the birds in for the night I noticed it above Short Hill; a crescent above the silhouette of the mountain and the still bare trees.  Exquisite and the subtle unfamiliar spring scent in the air made me SO glad that I live here and have my site and smell. 

 Tonight, I went to hang 2 skeins of yarn and some cotton cloth, that have been soaking in the fresh soy milk I made this morning, on the clothesline on the front porch.  The moon had come around the house to greet me again, this time bringing the wind with it to whip the cloth on the line. I want to stay and visit but  have more wool and cotton to put in the bucket for an overnight soak.  I am mordanting some material for a natural dyeing workshop that begins next week on Zoom.  

Tomorrow, Sara is coming to help weed the dyer's garden and maybe we will pick some wild mustard along the roadside to take a break from weeding.  I am Grateful that I have friends that I can hire to help with an over abundance of Spring chores.  Yesterday, Henry, his sisters and their mom came to help clear the barnyard of sticks and stones, repair the hole in the dam of the goose pond, and cover new grass with unwanted hay.  What a difference!!  I know all the animals will be appreciative.  No sticks and stones to step on in the dark.  The goslings will hatch in the next few days and they will be in the pond as soon as 4 days old. 

SO MUCH to do but if I didn't have the animals, would I have seen the perfect moon tonight ?  If I didn't dye with natural dyes, would I be feeling a delightful night breeze tonight?  Maybe, but all I do makes sure that I will experience these treasures often.  The geese and goslings make me laugh, so I take care of the pond. Tomorrow, I will clean the chicken coop-- the chickens are always cleaning up around the barnyard.  

The library is open again so yesterday I checked out some books.  A friend once said when she retired she was going to read and do crossword puzzles and take it easy.  I read all the time and sometimes I think it would be nice to just stop all the rest that I do and read and eat bon bons  and ...???  BUT I would miss too many of life blessings and opportunities. SO, this is why I do what I do.

Saturday, February 13, 2021

Do the People in Our Dreams Need to Wear Masks?

 When "New" came to me to be the word I live with this year, I was excited.  As the year has begun I am getting a little anxious.  

We usually think of new as something that is fresh and exciting.  I knew when I was given the word, that it was the noun not the adjective.  I knew that it was "the new" that comes from something- not the shiny, beautiful new ........ but I still anticipated something fun coming in to view.

And then 3 sheep died. Now, coming from that, we have "the new" configuration of the flock with a new leader needed.

Last night I had a concerning dream. 

I am one of those people that dream in great detail.  Usually, silly story dreams or enlightening dreams but sometimes exhausting dreams where I am trying to get somewhere or accomplish something.  Often, there are many people in my dreams.  If one was making a short film from one of my dreams they would have to hire a lot of extras.  My dream last night was filled with people in large numbers and at one point I became aware that no one was wearing a mask.  I remember putting my hand up over my face.  Do the people in our dreams now have to wear masks?  It has now been a year with Covid 19 and coming from that, is "the new" that we get anxious if the dream people around us are not wearing masks?  

I don't mind wearing a mask in day life.  What I find hard to live with is not being able to give and receive a multitude of hugs on a daily basis.  I felt that those hugs were what kept me healthy. At least I can still hug John but I haven't even hugged my daughter's boyfriend and they have now been together a year.  They started dating just before the pandemic but by the time we met him, strict guidelines were in place.

 People who live alone used to have plenty of hugs from neighbors or friends in the grocery store or on the street.  What will keep them healthy in "the new" that comes from health guidelines?

I find it refreshing watching old movies where people are not wearing masks and still hugging.  What can I do to make sure the people in my dreams can still live the life of CLOSENESS so that when things calm down we can resume that in day life?

I am still optimistic that there will be "new"s that come from better things.

Monday, February 8, 2021

"The New"

 The word I am carrying with me this year is "NEW".  As usual, I did not search for it, it came to me.

(For an explanation of "word for the year" go to January blogs from last year.)

It is the noun NEW not the adjective.  It is the new that comes from something. 

 Amelia, Mira, and Charlotte (the 3 sheep furthest to the right in the above picture taken last year) died late December and the first half of January.  I posted about Amelia a couple of posts ago.  Mira died late January 11th or early the 12th.  Charlotte died exactly a week later.  

Most likely they died from the Meningeal worm (a brain/spinal column affliction), though they all had different symptoms.  This worm uses the white tailed deer as a host and is expelled when the deer poops.  Then a snail or slug come along and eats the worm and travels along.  If sheep are grazing in the area where deer have been, they can eat the snail or slug or even get the worm from excreted snail slime.  I had been letting the sheep graze outside the pasture because there was so much grass outside and the pastures had been heavily grazed.  We do have a regular occurrence of deer in the yard but I guess I took a chance.  When you do something and nothing happens for 10 years, you think it won't happen.  And the sheep loved to go out.

Mira was the matriarch of the flock.  Even when she was struggling the past year with arthritis,  and not leading in a robust way, she was the gentle boss.  The other sheep respected her at all times.  I had longer conversations with Mira than any of the other sheep.  She liked attention (most of the time) and even occasionally opted for rubs over hay.

Speaking of attention, Charlotte came looking for attention regularly and loved rubs.  If I was giving out grain, I knew not to have Charlotte behind me because she would paw my pant leg to get my attention.  She thought her turn was between each of the others.  Charlotte would have taken over leading the flock if she were still alive, I think.

Amelia, Mira, and Charlotte were the 3 Cotswolds in the flock.  They are survived by Norma Jean and Gretta (Cotswold/CVM crosses) and of course the rest of the flock of Finns and Finn crosses.

So, who are we without them?  I don't think we have figured out "the New".

Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Felted card

This blog is for Gail because she is starting to felt and was talking about doing a card.  I couldn't get this picture from my photos to just email her because it came up in a completely different set of photos and could not be moved to my desk top or anywhere else that I could figure out.  Oh well.

I hate all the things I can not figure out on the computer but I am not going to spend significant time trying to figure it out because I have better things to do.  I do want Gail to see this though.

This card did take a lot of time to do but it was enjoyable time.  Needle felting is not really my thing right now but I do enjoy wet felting which is what the base of this card is.

Enjoy Gail.

Sweet Amelia

Amelia died suddenly a few weeks ago.  I still feel her presence.  She had the most beautiful locks!  And such luster.  She was a Cotswold. Amelia always let you know she was around.  Like Charlotte and sometimes Gretta, you knew Amelia was beside you or behind you without turning around or looking down.  

Amelia came to live here when she was maybe a week old with her mom, Hildegard from the Frontier Culture Museum.  Amelia had a wonderful life here as one of a flock of 9 sheep.  
She would have been 11 years old in April.  Sheep live, at average, 10-12 years.  Amelia was not an average sheep though.  She was personable and liked kids and having her picture taken.   

Amelia will be missed but never forgotten.


Sunday, April 26, 2020

Gratitude for All that Is

I am grateful for helping spirits of the East.  The air that provides each breath as we go forward and the breath that soothes discomfort or anxiety.  Eagles soaring and condors and all the winged creatures that teach us to fly.  I am grateful for new beginning and possibilities, new days, new seasons, the new leaves of Spring and the fragrant smells that uplift us and new growth for all living things. Help us to start anew with the anticipation of a child and the confidence of the newborn in the wild.

I am grateful for helping spirits of the South.  Fire that warms and feeds and dances.  Burn that which no longer serves us and turn it to ash to feed the earth.   Summer fun and summer nights that bring respite from the summer days.  I am grateful for the Sun that heats the earth and brings life to ALL.

I am grateful for the helping spirits of the West.  For water in all places and stages.  The rushing rivers and drops of rain that hold the world upside down.  For the lakes and great oceans that bathe us and wake us to abundant life.  For fish and otters and starfish and sea horses.  Our bodies are filled with fluent water which moves us to help do what is best for all creation.  For the autumn of our lives and peace knowing what we know.

I am grateful for the helping spirits of the North.  For ancestors and grandmothers and grandfathers whose wise teachings stay with us and pass through us.  Winter brings rest and open forests and amplification of all earthsounds, which bring gratefulness to our bones.  Wise owl, thank you for your teachings as well.  I am grateful for white bear and all the north creatures. 

I am grateful for the Upper world, the lights in the night from stars and planets.  For mystery and unique beauty.   Great Creator, God of all things,  help us to listen with both ears.

I am grateful for the Lower world, the darkness, the world of creepy crawlers, the place of bones decaying and decomposers working to bring sustenance.

I am grateful for the Center world and grounding and knowing.

I am grateful for all Angels and Archangels and ancestors and helping spirits in all realms.

Thursday, April 16, 2020

Even on Hard Days

I am grateful.  The gosling count this year was up to 8 today and then we lost one, a birth defect.  Another is having difficulties.

  Loss is hard even when it is a 1 day old gosling, many are losing mothers or fathers or sisters or brothers sons and daughters and other family and friends.  Such a difficult time.

  I am grateful for uplifting stories that are being shared.  Yesterday, we heard an interview with a couple that were getting married.  The man is 107 and his wife to be, 100.  They sounded so happy and excited.

  We took a ride today to one of our favorite spots.  The canyon was gorgeous with all the wild dogwood and redbuds and the river rushing and out of its banks.  

Each day I still wake up excited about the possibilities for the day and grateful that I get to be a part of it.  I feel strangely removed from all the hardship, anxiety, and sadness that others are experiencing. I don't find myself worried about the future and in fact I see myself as a part of the future healing and I will be grateful for that opportunity.