Friday, April 16, 2021

This is Why I Do What I Do

 The Moon tonight is Brilliant!  When I went down to close the birds in for the night I noticed it above Short Hill; a crescent above the silhouette of the mountain and the still bare trees.  Exquisite and the subtle unfamiliar spring scent in the air made me SO glad that I live here and have my site and smell. 

 Tonight, I went to hang 2 skeins of yarn and some cotton cloth, that have been soaking in the fresh soy milk I made this morning, on the clothesline on the front porch.  The moon had come around the house to greet me again, this time bringing the wind with it to whip the cloth on the line. I want to stay and visit but  have more wool and cotton to put in the bucket for an overnight soak.  I am mordanting some material for a natural dyeing workshop that begins next week on Zoom.  

Tomorrow, Sara is coming to help weed the dyer's garden and maybe we will pick some wild mustard along the roadside to take a break from weeding.  I am Grateful that I have friends that I can hire to help with an over abundance of Spring chores.  Yesterday, Henry, his sisters and their mom came to help clear the barnyard of sticks and stones, repair the hole in the dam of the goose pond, and cover new grass with unwanted hay.  What a difference!!  I know all the animals will be appreciative.  No sticks and stones to step on in the dark.  The goslings will hatch in the next few days and they will be in the pond as soon as 4 days old. 

SO MUCH to do but if I didn't have the animals, would I have seen the perfect moon tonight ?  If I didn't dye with natural dyes, would I be feeling a delightful night breeze tonight?  Maybe, but all I do makes sure that I will experience these treasures often.  The geese and goslings make me laugh, so I take care of the pond. Tomorrow, I will clean the chicken coop-- the chickens are always cleaning up around the barnyard.  

The library is open again so yesterday I checked out some books.  A friend once said when she retired she was going to read and do crossword puzzles and take it easy.  I read all the time and sometimes I think it would be nice to just stop all the rest that I do and read and eat bon bons  and ...???  BUT I would miss too many of life blessings and opportunities. SO, this is why I do what I do.

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