Saturday, September 27, 2014


We need to enlarge the pond and the geese are helping.  More later

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

How We Spend Our Time

At my journey group last Sunday, my friend L. was telling us about a conference she went to and challenged us to do an exercise that the leader of the conference suggested.

Here it is:  first take a few small pieces of paper from a pad of paper that are alike and write on each, one thing you do, most every day, that takes 2 hours of your day.  Then, take a few more pieces and write things, that you think you would like to do, that take a similar amount of time.  One activity on each paper, then fold them all the same and shake them in a bowl or basket or like.  Now, place them around the room, on the floor or ground if you are outside.  Take a few breaths to center yourself.

Before you pick up the folded papers, stand on each and see what feelings come up.  Pick up the paper you were just standing on,  and without opening it, write on the outside the feeling evoked e.g. frustration, exhaustion, boredom, joy, fulfillment, you get the idea.  Now pick up the rest of the papers in turn and do the same. When you have some time, sit and read what you have written on the outside and open the folded paper to see what activity brings about that feeling.

Are we spending our time and energy doing what fulfills us and brings us joy?  Which activities should we be carving out more time for?  Which activities do we need to abandon or change in some way?

I have not taken the time to do the exercise yet, but just thinking about it has peaked my awareness.  I look forward to more fully understanding where I need to make some changes in time spent…..

My conscious self truly does not know the answers.  My unconscious self will reveal all soon.

There are different kinds of writing--writing checks, press releases, returning emails, writing blogs, love letters, poems, and novels.  They must be separated as well as different kinds of reading.

Today was my first Boxerwood day of the season.  It was a river day.  My assignment was to direct the students in a nature painting activity, 4 groups, 13-14 per group.  It was a fun day.

The geese were probably wishing I would finish their pond that I began yesterday, the sheep were just excited to get a treat when I returned.

Tomorrow is another day-- how will it be spent?

Monday, September 15, 2014

Return to the Wild

John and I went to visit his mom in Ohio last week.  The last thing John did before we left was mow the lawn.  When we returned a few days ago, the first thing John did was mow the lawn.  We were only gone parts of 5 days.

In doing my routine walk around the property, I was overwhelmed with the growth- around the fiber studio, the veggie garden, the mint beds around the back of the house, areas the sheep haven't been grazing in a bit...   The dyer's garden is passable again with a minimal weed whacking.

Beverly, came over today and brought me lunch.  After our lunch we went for a walk.  I had not been up to the Belfry chapel in the woods and trails since last spring so we decided to walk up that way.  What we found was scaffolding in the chapel where a wood ceiling is being installed over insulation and overgrown trails.

Everything is always in a state of change and that is a good thing if we can let go of expectations and control. What a pleasant thought!

  Samuel Hawes Park, in Chatham MA is an amazing natural park with 3 kettle ponds and many trails coming in from all sides of the park.  One way to get into the park was from a remote corner of a parking lot of an A&P grocery store.  The store was one of those that the parking lot was much bigger than it needed to be and much of it was never used.  It was asphalt and it would crack and weeds would start growing in the cracks and I would fantasize that one day the whole parking lot would return to the wild and the building would come down and the park would expand and trees would grow up.  While this fantasy was playing out in my mind it was usually accompanied by Janis Joplin singing "they paved paradise and put up a parking lot".  I would always think "Janis, it is coming back".

It is a good thing that everything returns to the wild; it reminds mankind that we are just spending a very short time on this earth and then what we have moved or changed, can be erased for the next generation to move or change.  What is tragic, is when changes influence animal species which in turn can impact other species, for a more permanent interruption in the plan of life.

Tread lightly, like sheep and geese.

Monday, September 8, 2014


I think it was in my dentist's office on the cape that I used to read the poster about all the things you are suppose to do to live a good life.

There were all the ones you would expect like laughing a lot and and a hug a day and all that stuff, but the one I remember the best and live by is "say yes unless you have to say no" (or something like that). Too often people say no because they are used to saying no or it is easier because then you don't have to think.  I would recommend a long pause before saying no to anything (except maybe, carrying a terrorist's bag at the airport).

We got an interesting phone call and request a few days ago.  Could we rent the cabin to 2 juniors at one of the local universities, for the rest of September.  This was a plea from a woman who rents apartments in town, one of which was being renovated and was not ready yet.  In my mind, I said yes and no many times, before she was finished with her story and when she finally paused, I responded with the "let me talk to my husband" line.  John and I sat on the steps of his workshop considering many sides of the situation, before I went and called her back with a yes but…...

We have a couple of weekends booked-- no problem.  We don't have a reliable internet connection-- no problem.  It is pretty small, by today's standards, for that length of time, for 2 students (one of each sex- but not a couple)-- no problem. Well O.K. then.  The adventure begins.

The first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is consider the possibilities for the day's events, and I wonder who I might meet that I don't know already.  I believe, everyone has the opportunity to meet someone new each day, with few exceptions.  There is the commute to work, the grocery store, the gas station, coffee break, lunch, the library (Gail) ….. think about the number of people who cross our paths in a week-- all potential "people of interest" who could make a difference in our lives.  Sometimes, we have actually seen or met a person before, but then one day have the opportunity to learn something new about them.

With the animals here, I think it is the same.  There seem to be new deer, rabbits, mice, snakes, etc. every day.  Soon, I hope there will be new chickens.

I look forward to getting to know J… and K,,,  and  seeing what kind of connections we make.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Pictures from August Fiber Camp

I keep forgetting to post pictures of our last Fiber Camp of the summer.  When I go into my fiber studio now, to work, it seems so quiet.

a beautiful blue batt created on the drum carder

Spinning on a drop spindle.
Weaving a bracelet on a small frame loom

goldenrod, pokeweed, mullien, and concord grape for natural dyeing

 amazing homespun yarn

le chapeau-wet felting 

a fun bracelet

We had a fun week and now the kids are back to school. We will have to find time for some creative workshops this fall.