Monday, September 8, 2014


I think it was in my dentist's office on the cape that I used to read the poster about all the things you are suppose to do to live a good life.

There were all the ones you would expect like laughing a lot and and a hug a day and all that stuff, but the one I remember the best and live by is "say yes unless you have to say no" (or something like that). Too often people say no because they are used to saying no or it is easier because then you don't have to think.  I would recommend a long pause before saying no to anything (except maybe, carrying a terrorist's bag at the airport).

We got an interesting phone call and request a few days ago.  Could we rent the cabin to 2 juniors at one of the local universities, for the rest of September.  This was a plea from a woman who rents apartments in town, one of which was being renovated and was not ready yet.  In my mind, I said yes and no many times, before she was finished with her story and when she finally paused, I responded with the "let me talk to my husband" line.  John and I sat on the steps of his workshop considering many sides of the situation, before I went and called her back with a yes but…...

We have a couple of weekends booked-- no problem.  We don't have a reliable internet connection-- no problem.  It is pretty small, by today's standards, for that length of time, for 2 students (one of each sex- but not a couple)-- no problem. Well O.K. then.  The adventure begins.

The first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is consider the possibilities for the day's events, and I wonder who I might meet that I don't know already.  I believe, everyone has the opportunity to meet someone new each day, with few exceptions.  There is the commute to work, the grocery store, the gas station, coffee break, lunch, the library (Gail) ….. think about the number of people who cross our paths in a week-- all potential "people of interest" who could make a difference in our lives.  Sometimes, we have actually seen or met a person before, but then one day have the opportunity to learn something new about them.

With the animals here, I think it is the same.  There seem to be new deer, rabbits, mice, snakes, etc. every day.  Soon, I hope there will be new chickens.

I look forward to getting to know J… and K,,,  and  seeing what kind of connections we make.

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  1. Are their names James and Karen? Good for you, Susan. I'm often too quick with "no" these days. I'll think twice now that you wrote this. I hope all goes well. Even if it doesn't it will give you something to blog about.