Friday, June 11, 2021

A Quiet Morning and then

 This was a quiet morning maybe a couple of weeks ago.  If you zoom in look front center and just to the right to see this years goslings.  They were born a couple of days apart and look at the size difference.  I love all the different reflections in the goose pond.  Note the sheep are in full fleece but then they were sheared.

It so interesting to see how the colors change from year to year.  Rosa's fleece (right front) got darker this year but Sarah's (right back) got lighter, I think.  Gretta's has SO much lanolin.  I love giving rubs after they are sheared; my hands pick up the lanolin and are very shiny (no picture, sorry).  

It has been a busy Spring; additional planting in the dyer's garden with Sara's help, and improvements in and around the fiber studio with Emily, Henry, Clover, and Violet helping (pictures coming). Almost done and then we decided to go on a little adventure before coming back to finish everything.  The day before we left, I was walking down to a lower garden to water some plants and slipped on wet morning grass and twisted my ankle as I fell.  Turns out I fractured a bone and ended up in a walking boot for the beginning of our trip the next day.  We carried on because I needed some time to rest and figure out how I am going to do everything when I return and Cathy was already lined up to take care of the critters.  SURE IS NICE TO HAVE A LOT OF HELP.  

Now I have to figure out what kind of help I need when I return and where it will come from.