Saturday, June 22, 2019

The Arrival of Summer 2019

A Few days before summer arrived, we lost Donald, our resident rooster.  A fox got him while I am sure he was protecting his ladies.  We did not witness the sad event but all indicators  point to a fox attack.  The evening of the same day, I saw a young fox coming toward the barnyard alone. This one was too small to take down a large rooster alone.  There must be a den somewhere and the kits are learning to hunt.  We knew we had a fox but we have had no trouble until the Donald attack.

Now we have to learn how to outfox a fox.  The first thing we are doing is changing our whole schedule of visits to the barnyard.  Some days we coax the chickens in early.  It has made the evening schedule a lot more difficult or at least longer.  We will do what we can.  Donald was a fine rooster and as Lyndy said an icon.  We shall all miss him.

Donald was taken between the two weeks of Fiber Camp.  Camps ended yesterday on the first day of summer, an Exquisite day.  All in all the weather co-operated with a cool first week and low 80s the second.  Rain, for the most part, came in the late afternoon or evening.  More on camp later.

I am truly excited to have summer arrive so pleasantly giving hope that this one won't be too hot.