Friday, February 26, 2016

The Riches of Reading

Life is always better when I am in the middle of a good book.  Right now, I am in the middle of two.

At the library, the other day, I was looking for a book on tape and ran into A Wild Sheep Chase by Haruki Murakami.  How could I not take this one out with a title like this, a great picture of sheep on the cover, and written by a man that shared my father's birthday.  It is a wild one for sure.  It is a pre-loaded digital audio book which means it is all contained and you just plug your head phones in and listen.  You can't tell how long it is because you don't change disks which is strange.  The unit is small and you can put it in your pocket and walk around.  The head phones I am using are the big ones that look like noise protectors.  I was wearing them the other day when I went down and let the animals out to graze.  The geese, particularly, thought the headphones were strange and let me know.

The animals seem to mostly comment on new things around my head.  A different hat, a hood, sunglasses, head phones.  Oh well.

It is a good book but loaded with details that I think are going to come together at some point and don't quite.  I am glad that I am listening to this one because I don't think I could read all of this detail and yet it adds to the story.  I can't quite see where it is going and, like I said, I don't have a sense of how much of the story is left, so it is certainly an unusual situation.

The other book I am reading is The Hummingbird's Daughter by Luis Alberto Urrea.  It too, is filled with elaborate description, some of which I scan.  This one has many phrases in Spanish which are not translated.  Sometimes, I feel like I am eating lobster and steamed artichokes at one meal, both time consuming but delicious.

I wonder if the sheep would like me to read to them.  Sometimes animals like to be sung to, maybe reading would be the same.  Some warm spring day, I will check it out, but for now, I will sit in my van and be read to by Rupert Degas, as the animals graze the one pasture with grass left, below the driveway,

Monday, February 15, 2016

No "no school fiber day" Today

 This is what the driveway to the farm looked like when the kids would have been arriving.

The sheep were disappointed.  so I had to give them extra hay.  As you can see though, they don't mind the snow.

Cirrus is checking to see if it is still snowing.  We got 5"-6".  Still a white sky, but it may change over to sleet or freezing rain.

A good pajama day.  My overalls fit over my pajamas to go to the barn and shovel the walk to the fiber studio (never know when you are going to need a tool or some supplies).  But, since the driveway and the road, for that matter, are not plowed, I can't come up with a good reason to get dressed.

It is lonely without the kids but I think I will work on some fiber projects anyway, on my own, in my pajamas.  I hope the kids are all dressed and enjoying the snow.

Friday, February 5, 2016

A Really Good Friend

I read this morning that a good friend is one you can ask to come get dirty with you.

I was telling Karen what I had read, a couple of hours later, when she came to help me trim some hoofs.  She just laughed and said she was already dirty.  So, I would like to say, a really good friend is one who is already dirty when they come over!

The sheep at Cabin Spring Farm love Karen and today I realized why.  Not only is she relaxed when she holds them and chats with them the whole time but, she also sings to them.

I love when things go so smoothly.  Sometimes, it is just hard getting the sheep where I want them, not today.  Sometimes, one of the sheep gets anxious and I get pushed or get stepped on, not today.  Sometime, I accidentally clip a little short and draw blood, not today.  Sometimes, I slip on something or even over my own feet, not today.  Today, was delightful!

I remember one time one of the local vets I really like, came over to trim Beau's hoofs.  He was so easy going and we moved slowly and chatted while he trimmed Beau's hoofs.  Beau seemed very relaxed and a few minutes later the vet was done.  He remarked, "this is a very polite llama".  I was so proud of Beau but the vet made it easy for him to be polite.  He didn't sing but he probably would have, if he thought it was necessary.

I just hope Karen knows I would do anything for her.  I don't even mind when her buck goats are really stinky, thats just who they can be.  I forgot to remind  Karen of this, this morning, but I will tell her next week, when we are both clean and sitting at the new Thai  food restaurant in town, for lunch.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

10 Days Later

Ten days ago --

And today.

Yesterday it was still mostly white but it was warm yesterday, over night, and today, Ground Hogs Day, one of my favorite days of the year but not because it is an indicator of Spring, it is just a fun day.

And look what I found down by the cabin when the snow left.

The mud is back and it is only going to get worse with the 2" of rain today.