Saturday, August 4, 2018

A Thousand New Pets

Several weeks ago I had A thousand pets delivered in the mail.  Red wigglers.  Now I bet we have way more.  I real enjoy them; we don't have to let them in or out, I don't think they are much for affection so no petting required, but we do have to feed them.

I ordered the worms to eat our food scraps because there are a lot of things the chickens don't care for and I was tired of feeding the possums (they were messy eaters) and there were getting to be too many.

I am glad Uncle Jim, of Uncle Jim's worm farm, refers to the red wigglers as pets.  When you think of feeding pets you feed on a more regular basis and the scraps don't pile up so high in the bowl by the sink.  Now we have fewer pet fruit flies in the house too.

The worms don't eat everything but most things.