Friday, February 5, 2016

A Really Good Friend

I read this morning that a good friend is one you can ask to come get dirty with you.

I was telling Karen what I had read, a couple of hours later, when she came to help me trim some hoofs.  She just laughed and said she was already dirty.  So, I would like to say, a really good friend is one who is already dirty when they come over!

The sheep at Cabin Spring Farm love Karen and today I realized why.  Not only is she relaxed when she holds them and chats with them the whole time but, she also sings to them.

I love when things go so smoothly.  Sometimes, it is just hard getting the sheep where I want them, not today.  Sometimes, one of the sheep gets anxious and I get pushed or get stepped on, not today.  Sometime, I accidentally clip a little short and draw blood, not today.  Sometimes, I slip on something or even over my own feet, not today.  Today, was delightful!

I remember one time one of the local vets I really like, came over to trim Beau's hoofs.  He was so easy going and we moved slowly and chatted while he trimmed Beau's hoofs.  Beau seemed very relaxed and a few minutes later the vet was done.  He remarked, "this is a very polite llama".  I was so proud of Beau but the vet made it easy for him to be polite.  He didn't sing but he probably would have, if he thought it was necessary.

I just hope Karen knows I would do anything for her.  I don't even mind when her buck goats are really stinky, thats just who they can be.  I forgot to remind  Karen of this, this morning, but I will tell her next week, when we are both clean and sitting at the new Thai  food restaurant in town, for lunch.


  1. Thanks Susan. I know you'd get dirty with me anytime I asked too. I truly enjoyed hugging the sheep this week. Looking forward to our lunch.

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