Monday, September 15, 2014

Return to the Wild

John and I went to visit his mom in Ohio last week.  The last thing John did before we left was mow the lawn.  When we returned a few days ago, the first thing John did was mow the lawn.  We were only gone parts of 5 days.

In doing my routine walk around the property, I was overwhelmed with the growth- around the fiber studio, the veggie garden, the mint beds around the back of the house, areas the sheep haven't been grazing in a bit...   The dyer's garden is passable again with a minimal weed whacking.

Beverly, came over today and brought me lunch.  After our lunch we went for a walk.  I had not been up to the Belfry chapel in the woods and trails since last spring so we decided to walk up that way.  What we found was scaffolding in the chapel where a wood ceiling is being installed over insulation and overgrown trails.

Everything is always in a state of change and that is a good thing if we can let go of expectations and control. What a pleasant thought!

  Samuel Hawes Park, in Chatham MA is an amazing natural park with 3 kettle ponds and many trails coming in from all sides of the park.  One way to get into the park was from a remote corner of a parking lot of an A&P grocery store.  The store was one of those that the parking lot was much bigger than it needed to be and much of it was never used.  It was asphalt and it would crack and weeds would start growing in the cracks and I would fantasize that one day the whole parking lot would return to the wild and the building would come down and the park would expand and trees would grow up.  While this fantasy was playing out in my mind it was usually accompanied by Janis Joplin singing "they paved paradise and put up a parking lot".  I would always think "Janis, it is coming back".

It is a good thing that everything returns to the wild; it reminds mankind that we are just spending a very short time on this earth and then what we have moved or changed, can be erased for the next generation to move or change.  What is tragic, is when changes influence animal species which in turn can impact other species, for a more permanent interruption in the plan of life.

Tread lightly, like sheep and geese.

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