Wednesday, September 24, 2014

How We Spend Our Time

At my journey group last Sunday, my friend L. was telling us about a conference she went to and challenged us to do an exercise that the leader of the conference suggested.

Here it is:  first take a few small pieces of paper from a pad of paper that are alike and write on each, one thing you do, most every day, that takes 2 hours of your day.  Then, take a few more pieces and write things, that you think you would like to do, that take a similar amount of time.  One activity on each paper, then fold them all the same and shake them in a bowl or basket or like.  Now, place them around the room, on the floor or ground if you are outside.  Take a few breaths to center yourself.

Before you pick up the folded papers, stand on each and see what feelings come up.  Pick up the paper you were just standing on,  and without opening it, write on the outside the feeling evoked e.g. frustration, exhaustion, boredom, joy, fulfillment, you get the idea.  Now pick up the rest of the papers in turn and do the same. When you have some time, sit and read what you have written on the outside and open the folded paper to see what activity brings about that feeling.

Are we spending our time and energy doing what fulfills us and brings us joy?  Which activities should we be carving out more time for?  Which activities do we need to abandon or change in some way?

I have not taken the time to do the exercise yet, but just thinking about it has peaked my awareness.  I look forward to more fully understanding where I need to make some changes in time spent…..

My conscious self truly does not know the answers.  My unconscious self will reveal all soon.

There are different kinds of writing--writing checks, press releases, returning emails, writing blogs, love letters, poems, and novels.  They must be separated as well as different kinds of reading.

Today was my first Boxerwood day of the season.  It was a river day.  My assignment was to direct the students in a nature painting activity, 4 groups, 13-14 per group.  It was a fun day.

The geese were probably wishing I would finish their pond that I began yesterday, the sheep were just excited to get a treat when I returned.

Tomorrow is another day-- how will it be spent?

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