Monday, January 1, 2018

Walking Back from the Barn on a Winter's Evening

Wind whooing in the woods, my footsteps plopping and jacket crinkling I head back to a warm home.
My companion turns cool in my hands, though it was hot when we started our trek.  

With my tea hot again and honeyed to sooth my cough, I put words on a page for the first time this year.

The lines above are in the font verdana.  I thought it was veranda which I always thought was a fun thing to call a porch.  I often misread a word.  First I am puzzled and then I usually have a good chuckle.  just an aside

If anyone is still reading this blog:  you may have noticed that entries have become scarce.  Here is what I think has been the issue........
I love to write and I love to take interesting photographs HOWEVER inserting a picture for the sake of having something to look at, is stressful and we all know I don't have my camera when it would be nice if I did OR I do and I don't use it.  Anyway, at one point I thought I needed to include pictures with blog entries (maybe Karen's fault) and so - all of the above working together= fewer blog entries.

Whoever said "a picture is worth a thousand words" took better pictures than I and I would like to say  a million pictures would not tell the story of my walk back from the barn this evening.  So I shall dump the stressful load and carry on.

Stay tuned for my word for 2018!   Can you guess it?

Happy New Year

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