Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Where Shall I Begin?

So much has happened in the last 3 weeks, some good, some bad, and some I can't remember.

Maybe I should start with the good.  The weather has been good, very little ice in the buckets and the trough is staying open.  The water in the trough is crystal clear, and though the goldfish were hiding one day, I have seen them more lately.  We have a black farm cat that decided to live here with its gray kitten.  I thought maybe the cat had a fish dinner but then I saw the fish again.

Henry and I have been having fun on Mondays and getting a lot done.  He helped me figure out my new business card on Vista Prints, he has helped me assemble 2 looms and warp them.  He also helped me organize some of my tools.  He has a good eye for things and is quick.

The farmers market has been going well.  I have made over $150.00 since we moved inside for the winter market a couple of weeks ago.  I am getting a better idea of what people are looking for (wants and needs).  I really enjoy the other venders too.  I made some felt Christmas cookies and Eric, the vender next to us, said to be sure and put a sign on them that says gluten free.  A patron said to add, "high in fiber".  I was hoping people would like to buy supplies to make them but they just wanted to buy the cookies.

I have sold skeins of yarn, fleece, locks, roving and today a wrap that Cathy wove with yarn from Mira and Charlotte.  I should be getting some yarn and roving back from the fiber mill very soon.

The bad news:  The chickens were attacked by  2 neighbor dogs that got loose.  We lost 2 hens.  The surviving chickens were severely traumatized and didn't come out of the coop for several days.  Yesterday, was the first day they were really out and about and it made me happy.  Today, I was getting ready to go to the farmers market and the dogs were coming up the driveway.  I had to yell at them to head them toward home and go to talk to the neighbor again and get her to collect them.  Unfortunately, she has a new baby and she had to take him along.

......... it is now a week later and this blog has not been posted.  I wanted to take a picture but oh well it is time to just post this.

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