Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Rainy Day Energy

Unlike goats, sheep like being out in the rain. Llamas do too. I like being out in the rain for awhile. The last two days have been on and off rain. The sheep look nice in the rain, Beau looks bedraggled, and I am not sure how I look but I get a feeling of energy and excitement.

Yesterday, I woke up to a very dreary looking day but by the time I got to Boxerwood to look for frogs and turtles with 3rd graders it had started to rain and the mood of the day changed dramatically. Not too many kids have moms or dads that tell them to go out and play in the rain but that is what we do at Boxerwood (we have rain ponchos for all). I have to admit it wasn't all fun and exciting though. The temperature was a few degrees too cool and after a couple of hours we were definitely ready to go in for lunch. Then after lunch we were back out again and it began to rain harder and we started to realize we were WET. After the kids left, Hannah made popcorn and that helped lift our spirits again. Meanwhile, back at the farm, the sheep and Beau were probably out most of the day and loving it.

Today it is raining on and off again but today I have been content to stay inside. The critters were out but as a thunderstorm came through half hour ago and the first clap sounded like a gun shot, I looked out to see Beau, followed by the girls, running fast to the barn. Good to know Beau knows what to do in a thunder storm.

It has been a great day for cleaning my creative space and reorganizing. Big and Little House Mountains are missing from my north window and Short Hills just disappeared from the west window as a sudden squall came up. The wind is howling and the front door just flew open. As I went to close it, my new wool drying hoop (I finished today) was flying but sustaining from a hook on the front porch ceiling. Yes, I got a bit done today.

Good rain for my vegetable garden too. I love the different shades of green. Tomorrow will be a good day to weed and maybe plant the next set of vegetables.

So most things living on this property vote YES for rain-- the chickens votes are still out until this front passes and I can go down to collect their votes. I will take them some dry wood chips or straw to sway their votes.


  1. My vote is yeah for rain nay for the storms. As I parade through my garden each day looking at whats new, I also can't help but look up and wonder which tree is falling next and in what direction. I also wish the weeds didn't like the rain, I think sometimes they actually celebrate the rain more that the things I have planted.

  2. I like the rain only when we need it. It has been a dry spring with occasional burst of storms, the kind with high winds and rains that roll our car (I'm exaggerating).

    One of my giant puppies panics when it thunders.