Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Something New to Worry About

Six sheep and a llama grazing in the early evening.
All of the chickens are finally out and exploring.
A visitor to the barnyard trying to pass through but he/she won't fit so how did it get in?
The chickens are very curious about the new critter in the barnyard.

Finally the skies are mostly blue and the barn is beginning to dry out a bit. Dry enough to put down some new straw for bedding. I am sure Beau and the girls will be appreciative.

The chickens spent most of the day out exploring and are beginning to chase flying insects and a tiny blue butterfly. So funny to watch. I guess they are like some of my clients-- no good role model so they have to figure everything out for themselves. I didn't wait to see what the snapping turtle would do to naive chickens. It took me an hour to get the turtle out of the barnyard (so heavy, a big mouth, and quite perturbed) but I did.

And the other good news-- we have seen the bluebirds going in and out of the bluebird house in its new location.

As this day comes to an end all seems good on the farm.


  1. Congratulations on the bluebirds, and good luck with -- what was that? -- the turtle shell or rock.

  2. I'm so glad the chickens have come out. Hooray! Oh, that's distressing, a snapping turtle. You need to teach the chickens to stay away. I wonder where it came from.

  3. So this is interesting. I have been without the modern day convience of the internet for several days, maybe even a week and I missed out on so much of what was happening with the ancient art of farming. You have been a busy little beaver. I am so glad to be back and connected again.