Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Movie-now or later?

I was going to go to a free movie tonight but I decided to clean the barn instead. You are probably thinking I have totally lost it now. Actually, I am only half crazy. I came home and had two hours before I needed to go to the movie and I just lost track of time cleaning the barn. When I came in it was two and a half hours later and too late to catch the movie.

I really enjoy cleaning the barn. It doesn't usually take me two and a half hours but we have had a lot of rain and there is a corner where a rain barrel catches rain off the roof but it is full and can't be pumped because the solar panel doesn't work to operate the DC pump so the rain seeped into that corner and the bedding was really wet. Also the slope on the south side of the barn is not pitched quite right and when it rains alot it comes in there as well.

I really need to find out why the solar panel is not working and have the south side of the barn reexcavated but for today I decided to rake out all the straw and hay, haul it to the compost pile, get some wood shavings from John's shop, and put them down to absorb the wetness. Of course every time I put wood shavings down Beau has to roll in them so I had to work around him as well. All the raking and spreading and rolling yuks up the water in and around the barn so clean water was called for. And that is why it took me two and a half hours to clean the barn.

Just remembered, I spent the first twenty minutes mowing the barnyard and a small area of the pasture where the sheep and Beau have been selectively eating leaving less desirable species to get quite tall. Time to set up rotational grazing. So much to do so little time.

I heard the movie was good. Oh well- I had a good time this evening and I can rent the movie some rainy day six months from now.

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