Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Days of Laughter

Now that I have been making the chickens come out the chicken door instead of the big door, only one of the chickens has been coming out (except yesterday one more joined her). I have seen all 6 roosting on the roost right next to the chicken door and sometimes they will roost in the doorway but they won't come out. All along this one chicken, the one who joined her yesterday, and the rooster have been the first to do everything.

Yesterday White Number 1 (as John named her) was practicing her flying on the side of the coop where the rest could see her. They were all watching and then practicing but in the coop flying into things and still, they wouldn't come out (Red Number 1 finally did).

I was actually glad that only White Number 1 was out last Thursday because I had to leave to go to the slot car races before she wanted to go in and I was coming home late so I had to catch her. That wasn't easy until the sheep came to help. She kept ducking under the coop and coming out the other side. Finally, the sheep saw my frustration and came to help herd her to the chicken ladder and she went up.

Having animals adds a whole new dimension to life around here. Every morning I wake up and wonder what the day will bring knowing that, no matter what else happens, there will be some laughs for certain.

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