Saturday, May 15, 2010


I witnessed the epitome of patience yesterday in a young man named Jonathan who came to shear Beau. Jonathan is the son of the woman Beau used to live with. Jonathan sheared Beau last year and probably the year before.

Beau has watched all 6 sheep go through multiple trims for the last few weeks and finally his turn came. Jonathan uses the same kind of blade shears that I do but he is much better and faster than I. And with all of this I didn't think the shearing would be a big deal but it WAS. Boy am I glad I did not attempt shearing Beau. I was, however, the one that got spit at. I knew he was mad but I thought I could talk to him. No way-- he wasn't listening to anything we had to say.

Beau got down and up and turned and tried to spit at Jonathan and tried everything in the book to get out of the haircut while Jonathan moved slowly, stopped when he needed to, held the right places (gently but firmly) and continued on until he was finished. Incredible patience!

I asked Jonathan if it would help if the sheep would come and keep Beau company like they did when they got sheared. He said it might but the sheep all hid in the barn and wouldn't even come out for grain.

To get a sense of what it was like, think about having a 3 year old have all the shots you would have to have to go to South America and have them all one after another. Meanwhile, Jonathan's wife and 2 month old daughter sat in the grass nearby and seemed totally uneffected.

After shearing Beau, Jonathan also trimmed Beau's hooves (another not so favorite thing but quick). And then it was all over. I am so glad shearing is only a once a year necessity. I just couldn't get over Jonathan's Patience and calm demeanor. All together Jonathan spent about an hour on Beau and drove about 30 minutes out of his way (he was on his way to West Virginia). And after all of that he only charged me $40 ( I wouldn't have done it for less than $100.) But then again I live with Beau and had to go through all the mental anguish. I guess for Jonathan it was like the "someone else's kid thing".

Anyway, it is all over for this year, Beau doesn't hold it against me and maybe I will even forget how bad it was by next year.


  1. Yikes, sounds as if you owe him some gas money.

  2. What a grea guy! Maybe it is a good idea to have someone else do it always. Then Beau won't hold it against you. You aren't the one doing it.

  3. So I guess you weren't going to push it any further and get a pic of the new hair do. Would love to see one once he has totally forgiven.