Saturday, May 22, 2010

When you take the time to watch

We still have one chicken, chicken. The other five will go out the chicken door to explore.

It has been three weeks now that the chickens have been in their coop. They really like their coop and they know it is home that is a good thing. But I think it is time for them to explore the barnyard. I go down and open the chicken door first thing in the morning and usually four will come out right away. Then I wait and eventually give up and let the last one or two out the big door. Most of the time white 2 will go out the chicken door but one of the Rhode Island Reds is VERY nervous. Today I observed something very interesting. Five chickens were out and number 6 was fretting about being the only one left inside when one of the other RIRs brought the one inside a gift (can't tell some of them apart yet). It was like a momma bird bringing its baby a bug or worm. She dropped it right on the threshold of the chicken door. What a sweet gesture. Looks like the chickens are beginning to worry about #6 too. #6 went immediately to investigate and stuck her head out the door and looked all around but did not venture out. WHY?

I have been watching bluebirds this week. Many sightings but then after watching carefully I realized they had a favorite spot on the last fence post in the front yard. I think the are eyeing the hole in the post for a nest so today I put a bluebird house on the closest post to offer an alternative if they haven't decided yet. I did not want to get too close if they have already started a nest.

Beau really wants to come out lately BUT he won't let me put his halter on. The last time, he got sheared and got his hooves trimmed. I don't have the temporary fence up outside their pasture right now so I can't let anyone out and besides I want Beau to get used to his halter again so I can take him for walks for a treat and to naturally trim his hooves on the driveway gravel. Also, I would like to comb his mane (which did not get sheared and is starting to get dredlocks). He used to let me and then we didn't keep it up --or I didn't.

Now I need to take the time to watch him and get to understand him better and get him to trust me again.


  1. Animals are so interesting! That is cute, about the chicken worring about the last one. That is so sweet!

    Keep working on Beau. He will let you put his halter on again, eventually.

  2. It's hard to stick with training. I've never been very good at obedience training with dogs because I'm not very good with sticking to a routine. Maybe you should schedule a time to try to halter Beau each week and make yourself stick to it.

    I love your chicken story. Poor little girl.