Thursday, December 30, 2010

What Do We Really Know About Anyone Else?

Last evening, when I came home after dark, I stopped to close the chicken door. I found the chickens roosting on the chicken ladder-- somehow the door had gotten closed. I tried to open the door thinking then they would wake up and walk in and hop on their roost. They were tight up against the door and I had to take them one my one and put them in through the big door. Each one squawked loudly but didn't wake the others. I even had to pick up the rooster. Even when I put them in the coop they stood there half asleep trying to figure out what they were suppose to do. I didn't know chickens slept so soundly.

Most of the time, when I am anywhere near the barnyard, the sheep and Beau come to see what I am up to and try to psyche me into giving them treats-- or so it seems. Maybe they are just curious. It is amazing how well I have gotten to know them and how sometimes I think I know what they are thinking (or am I projecting, Karen). Maybe they really do live in the minute and are just looking my way.

Anyway, we have built a relationship where we interact (mostly peacefully) and anticipate each others moves and get to know what is desirable for the other. But then, we carry it further and think we know what is best for others and begin to "direct" the encounters. Or, we don't know WHY an animal, or person for that matter, does what they do and think only how that affects us.

O.K., this is where the kids would all be waving their hands wildly. I have worked many years with kids and I tell them up front that if I get to rambling and start philosophising to do something to bring me back.

Tomorrow, we are having a party here so I can watch interactions among people and try not to think I really know anything about them.


  1. Dear Sue,
    Wishing you a wonderful day filled with family,friends and animals...How lucky your new friends are to have you near. Love, Cathy
    Happy Birthday!

  2. Uh oh, now I'm going to worry you're watching me tonight.