Monday, December 6, 2010


when we lived in neW ENGLAND (HERE WE GO AGAIN) WE HAD A THERMOMETER OUTSIDE THE KITCHEN WINDOW THAT CALCULATED what THE TEMPERATURE felt like with wind chill taken into consideration. Today, I am glad we no longer have that thermometer.

It was O.K. this morning first thing when I donned my new insulated overalls and went out to the barn. Not so windy-- but now UGH!! I just thought I would replace the broken rail so the animals could go back over to the cabin. By the time I had finished I was REALLY cold and it only took me a few minutes. The animals all came down to the gate to watch me and wanted to come over to help but I told them, "not today". When I was at the grocery store earlier I didn't notice the wind but here, up in the hills, it is Howling!

So most of the day I spun until I ran out of prepared fleece. I knitted a bit too. I neglected all house work-- too cold.

I did send an email to my _______[promotion person](what is her title? I'll have to ask Jen, my business consultant). Anyway, a fairly productive day but hopefully tomorrow will be sunny and better.

At least no one escaped today (at least not yet) I still have to go close the chicken door.

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