Friday, December 24, 2010

Home for Christmas

Just before the summit of Sandstone Mt.(almost 3000 ft.) on Interstate 64 Lyndy's car motor stopped. We got towed to Beckley WV where we spent about 3 hours figuring out our options. We ended up renting a car and driving the 2 hours back to Lexington. That was yesterday. Today we drove up to Beckley to return the car.

It took a few days to figure out who was going to feed the animals- when, while we were gone-- it took a few minutes to cancel all the plans. Again, I wonder what the animals thought with neighbors coming over to check out the routine and then we are back in a different car.

Oh well, we are home and happy and the animals seem a bit happier with some of the snow melted. They were able to journey to the far end of the pasture today. It is suppose to snow for the next 3 days so I hope they spend the night tonight roaming.

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