Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Away in a Manger waiting for Baby Jesus

I put my manger up today, except for Baby Jesus who will be place in Christmas Day (or probably 2 days before since we are most likely going away for Christmas). Notice how many sheep in the scene. John says I need at least one more.

Sheep are really important to the Christmas story. I only added 3 in above -- the one on the far left with the black face Karen gave me a few weeks ago and the one on the far right my mother-in-law sent me about the same time. The one from John's mother has been in the family quite awhile ( I think it is from Aunt May). Anyway, like I said, one can never have too many sheep in the Christmas story.

I always loved the children's service on Christmas Eve in Chatham with half of the youngest children dressed up as sheep. It was always interesting to see how the moms made the costumes from year to year.

Not too far from here, there is a group that not only does a living manger but a whole town of Bethlehem. I haven't seen it yet but I am sure there are several sheep. I wonder what those sheep think of all that production.

I often wonder what the sheep and Beau think about things. They seem happy enough here. I can't imagine taking them places like to be in a play.

Anyway, however you look at it sheep are an important part of Christmas.

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