Friday, December 10, 2010


I was remembering the TV show " The Price is Right" and how, at one time in the long running show, Bob Barker used to go into the audience and ask for people to come up with unusual items in their pockets or purses. If they could come up with, say a 1958 penny or a paperclip, or whatever, they got to be a contestant. I was fantasizing that I was in the audience and Bob was looking for an egg and of course I had one in my pocket so I was going to get to be a contestant.

I always have eggs in my pockets. By the time I get back from the barn or coop I have forgotten the egg(s) and later I will be walking in town or picking up groceries at Kroger and I will put my hands in my pockets and feel the egg(s). If it is at Kroger I sometimes fantasize that a security guard will walk up to me and ask me to empty my pockets and there will be the egg(s).

Last Sunday, I came in from the barn and slipped my green sweatshirt off over my head and plop plop two eggs hit the floor. Later in the day I did the same thing. Plop plop another 2 eggs almost in the same place on the floor. John's response was, "at least they didn't break in your pocket".

Today, I was wearing the same green sweatshirt and collected 2 eggs but this time one smooshed in my pocket before I got back to the house. I think it was probably when I was on the ladder putting the Christmas wreath on the barn.

It was a beautiful day, today; cool but sunny so I let the sheep out and watched them from my portable greenhouse with a Christmas tree in it. It isn't decorated, I just picked the Christmas tree up in the eurovan on Tuesday and it smells so good I can't bring myself to take it out so I drive around with it.

At home my greenhouse is a good place to knit or make Christmas lists or write Christmas cards. I was fantasizing all my friends opening Christmas cards with a picture of 6 sheep and a llama and 6 chickens and a ram on the front.

Not this year.

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  1. No matter how many times I think I shouldn't be putting these eggs in my pocket I do it anyway. It's so easy to forget about them. I've only broken them once in my pockets so far.