Saturday, December 4, 2010

Wandering in the first Snow of the Year.

The first real snow of the year. It is so beautiful. The pasture is becoming covered and the animals are wandering about and turning white. Wish I had my camera but John took it today. A good day for a cup of hot chocolate.

Tomorrow I am suppose to pick up a load of hay. Guess we may need it soon. It is amazing how green the grass still is.

It is very quiet this afternoon (the snow I guess) as I wander about the house looking at the fluttering snow out every window. The snow now covers the ground at dusk and it is time to close the chicken door.

The only escapee today was Charlotte as I went through the gate with ACV (apple cider vinegar) and grain. Thor didn't like Charlotte being outside when he wasn't, and he tried to go over the big secure fence. I think it is time to put a caster or wheel on big red as I have been opening and closing that gate alot lately.

Just got back from a trip to the barn. It was time for the chickens to be in but they weren't. They were starting to roost on Beau's stanchion so I wondered if their door was closed. It was not but there was snow covering the chicken ladder so I brushed it off. Eventually, 5 went in but one stayed roosting outside. I wonder if this is the one who sticks around the barnyard when the others are out and about (a chicken- chicken)? I picked her up and carried her home. It is the chickens' first real snow so I guess they have to figure it out.

There is no walk more beautiful than the walk from the barn to the house on a quiet snowy evening when all the animals are in the right place.

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