Monday, December 13, 2010

My Blog Family

Two days short of a year of blogging!!! 136 blogs. Thanks Gail and Karen for talking me into this. It has been helpful looking back to see when something happened or when I did what or just for laughs and to see how much I have learned over the past year.

Many bloggers will tell you they do it to chronicle something; they are doing it for themselves. I am sure that is true but at some point I think most become curious about who reads their blog. Periodically, when talking to a good friend or family member, there will be a comment about how they are enjoying my blog. The first thought that comes to mind is "people are reading my blog".

Awhile back, Karen told me how to track readers so I know people are reading my blog but not who. I know that last month there were 360 hits from the United States, 19 from Israel, 5 from the UK, 5 from Russia, 3 from Germany, 2 from Canada, 2 from Latvia, 1 from the United Arab Emirates, 1 from Croatia, and 1 from India. I fantasize that there is a little old woman in Latvia who has been a sheep farmer all her life that has a great great grand daughter, who reads english, who reads her great great grandma my blog. I fantasize that they both laugh over my inexperienced farm techniques and they tell their neighbors and they all have a good laugh. If I start getting many more hits from Latvia, I will know it is true.

Often, when I google sheep topics, I will get a site that is in a foreign language but fortunately most are from Australia so I can mostly read them. Who knew that blogging would be a lesson in geography.

It is interesting to see which blogs get the most hits. I think the one about dyeing with pokeweed berries is the all time winner--followed by turkeys dancing and body language.

Anyway, to all of you out there, thanks for reading and thanks for your comments and especially to the farmers out there-- thanks for the tips.


  1. At least 80 of those hits were me!

  2. Susan, I'm so glad you have kept up the blogging. It makes me feel close to you even though physically, I am far away. I love hearing about your life on the farm, trying to get the sheep to go where you want them to go. Maybe it is time for a dog? I am going to try to blog more regularly this next year. And call you more regularly and email you more regularly.

  3. I like to read your blog. I know how you feel. Blogging is fun and a lot of the time I am doing it for myself. Sometimes I do things just for an interesting blog post, too, just for the readers. It's always amazing to me where some of my followers are from and that people from the other side of the world read my blog!