Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Body Language

The last couple of days, especially, I have been observing animal body language.

Beau likes to go over to the small pasture, sometimes for the different grass and perhaps sometimes to get some space away from all the girls. When I recently let him over, I made the mistake of giving him a handful of hay that was in the Barret Groc. garage/barn. Then all the animals were suddenly on the scene. Thor got upset that they were eating in his area and began showing that he could butt. He all out butted Beau. Beau stepped aside. Thor wouldn't share the hay with anyone so I let the others back in barnyard and closed the gate. Then Thor was mad he was all alone. He started pacing at the fence only taking a bite of hay occasionally. I gave the others hay in the barn. When they were almost done, I let Thor back over to join the others. He wasn't aggressive in the barn.

This morning, in the barnyard, I noticed Beau step aside when he felt Thor was too close. They were all at the gate so I tried to open it but Thor was in the way (he hasn't learned that it opens in, yet). When I finally got it open they were all squeezing in at the same time and Thor was getting pushy but Hildegard wouldn't put up with his rudeness and pushed him aside. Once in they all grazed peacefully.

Later, in the barn, there was alot of posturing going on (even with Thor and me). I just kept putting hay in different places and they all worked it out. It is funny how one minute it is fine that someone is eating next to someone else and the next minute it is no longer fine.

This afternoon, I looked out the upstairs window of the cabin and saw Beau chasing some of the sheep. He looked like he was herding them but it was just a few. They kept getting out of site so I couldn't tell what was going on. . When he got them where he wanted them he walked to a different area and began grazing. I just have so much to learn I guess.

I either need to spend more time watching when they can't see me or I need to put spy cameras all around.


  1. Susan,
    I feel the same way sometimes. Just when I think I've figured them out they surprise me. Right now I'm more confused by my poultry than goats.