Monday, November 22, 2010


This gold, single ply, white cotswold yarn was dyed with bright orange marigolds using alum and cr of tarter as a mordant--not the color I expected. I later mixed an old, but brilliant, fuchsia dye bath (from poke weed / vinegar base) with the gold and got the orange loose fleece in the picture-- not the color I expected. I like them both anyway.

The white, double ply white cotswold has a little silk spun in. The coltswold is shiny, even without the silk, but I added the silk in to soften the yarn. It came out nice. My spinning is getting better (most of the time). I am having a little problem with the tension on the spinning wheel I used for this yarn.

It is nice to have beautiful things around to inspire me to do more. I am doing a few goofy things too-- just for fun, but must stop to clean and organize for Thanksgiving.

Yesterday, we had, as part of our church service, a procession to bring things we were thankful for, up to the front of the church. I brought locks from the animals. There were lots of pictures of family, as you would expect, but also pictures of new calves. Besides pictures there were shoes, deer antlers, favorite toys and an assortment of other things-- very interesting and moving.

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  1. Sue, What beautiful colors!Just when I've given up coloring my hair......xo