Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Focus Pocus

Today, was one of those hectic thought days. I experimented with all kinds of fiber arts; ripping out a knitting project, felting over a beachball (bouncing it in the shower), instructed John in the making of some weaving tools out of scrap cedar from the arbor project, carded some fiber for felting and stuffing, darned a hole in a favorite sock by needle felting and I did some preliminary layout for my future website. When my head was swimming I went down to visit the animals.

It was a quiet- rainy day. Good day for inside work but not to rainy to go down to the barn periodically. I realized today that I am spending more and more days here with no need to go to town. I love it. (saves money too) I am getting more done, even though my thoughts are scattered. There are still a few things I want to experiment with but I told myself last month I was going to focus on one thing. I think I picked the wrong thing. I guess I can change my mind-- will have to consider that and then refocus.

Tomorrow is December 1st-- 18 days until Beau's birthday. Last year it snowed around 20 inches on his birthday and the pasture was covered with snow for almost 2 months. What will this winter be like I wonder. At least this year I don't have anywhere I have to be-- though John does. I like working from home.

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  1. It's hard for me to imagine snow on the ground in 17 more days. I hope this year Beau's birthday is a mild sunny day.

    I'm glad you work from home now too.