Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Animals on Vacation

My sister, Gail, blogged about being on vacation (see Women of Great Taste link below) and thoughts and mindfulness and I decided Beau and the sheep could bennifit from a mini vacation today. They went to the cabin for a little R&R.

Most farmers would call it rotational grazing but I call it a mini vacation because they get way too excited about going- to call it rotational grazing. As I get out the orange fencing to connect the two gates they are on top of each other wanting to be the first out the gate.

They love being in a different place with new things to eat and explore. A few, especially, like to brouse on the forsythia and even the grass is better than in the pastures; longer and more lushous.

They also like to explore the wooden deck and the stone patio.

I told them they were on vacation and I wanted them to smile at the camera (a real sign of a vacation) but they didn't see the point.

Is Thor being thoughtful or mindful? Doesn't he look better for his mini vacation?


  1. I love the pictures. It's funny seeing them somewhere I'm not used to seeing them. Thor is such a cutie. Maybe I'll let my animals roam free tomorrow.

  2. That first picture is especially fine, Susan, the way the shadows anticipate your description of "rotational" feeding.