Monday, November 15, 2010

Toe Sweaters and Other Things Wool

Karen modeling a Beau/Mira/Finn hat

It always surprises me when I realize I haven't blogged in 5 days. I have been so busy doing all things fleecy and assume that I have been sharing them and then I look and realize it is not the case.

Karen and I trimmed hooves last Monday. I have been watching Thor try to convince his favorite gal of the day to stand on level ground--and we thought mowing and gardening, on the slopes, were difficult. And I have been learning more efficient ways to move animals.

I knit a hat with fleece from Beau, Mira, and Sarah or Annie (some of the Finn fleece is unmarked and Annie's and Sarah's fleece is very similar. Karen is testing it for quality control. I knit a toe sweater and felted a bracelet.

toe sweater modeled on my finger so I didn't have to wash my feet

beginning of a felt bracelet

The toe sweater is part of my therapeutic wool line. Wool is good for all kinds of things. The toe sweater is suppose to improve blood flow to an injured or ailing toe. More on the therapeutic qualities of wool in an upcoming blog.

I finally got some Alum so I am currently waiting for the mordant bath to simmer ( it takes forever to boil water at this altitude- it was easy at sea level). I am going to dye some yarn orange (I hope) from marigolds.

And now I am off to try to get some foam scraps for needle felting from a place near by.

Took all the animals to the cabin a few days ago and now if I go down that way Beau runs to the lower gate in hopes of joining me.

I love my new schedule-- things are really starting to come together. --FINALLY


  1. Sue, Wish I could be there....Love the toe sock, would it be helpful to someone with gout? The hat looks so warm and comforting. Can it help relieve a headache? (seriously) When does it get dark there? Don't you run out of time each day? My head is spinning (ha) wanting to make something, anything. Hard to begin just one of my ideas,any suggestions? My craft room is full of good stuff so I don't need to buy anything. But, good for you!!love, cathy