Sunday, October 31, 2010

A Quiet Halloween

Not writing from my desk today. My computer crashed last night. It is harder to go through the process of posting from another computer so we will see how dedicated I am.

Life is quiet again after a 24 hour visit from great nieces, great nephew, nephew, and my oldest brother. My computer crashed just after I downloaded great Halloween pics.

They were a great help. Yesterday, we pulled the last tomatoes out of the garden, dug sweet potatoes, and picked and beheaded the last of the marigolds so I can use them for dye. They helped feed and water the animals and collected eggs while asking if there were baby chicks inside. I always love to see what young children will do with eggs in their hands. Some carry them as precious cargo and others put them in a feed bowl or under a pile of hay.

With the main gate open for awhile, the chickens took the opportunity to check out the smaller pasture and somehow 3 escaped into the wild.fringe of the woods. Usually they come running when they see me but not this afternoon. They are loving scratching in the leaves. I wonder if they will go back on their own.

Another quiet day for Thor. So far, to my knowledge, only two ewes have gone into heat. I thought it was going to be wild and crazy when they all got together but not so-- anyway not yet.

Plans for my fiber business are expanding and clarifing. I carded some wool with my new method and it came out much better. A friend helped me with the upper support on the north end of the arbor so now it is ready for stringing a Navaho type loom. And the cabin is clean and ready for me to transfer supplies and set up my studio down there. The woman I hope will be my apprentice, did a 2 day workshop with a weaver in the county so I am hoping she will get excited about production and find some time to come over this week. Maybe once I get started on new ideas I will be able to sleep better nights. Too many idea flowing in.

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