Saturday, October 9, 2010

He's Here

What a long day!!! It started with me realizing (20 minutes from my house) that I left the directions to where I was going at home. Also the woman's phone number. When I met my friend, who volunteered to go with me, in town, she somehow didn't seem too surprised.

It wasn't too difficult to get her number from information, so off we went with a new set of directions and a cell phone number scratched on the back of a check book. The first two hours of the trip went pretty well but then I made a right instead of a left and things went astray once more. Called the woman again, got straightened out, and retraced a few miles. This time we made it all the way to her road which we went down twice before calling again. I am surprised she let me take her beloved ram home with me. She probably thinks I am a total flake and is worried I will forget to feed him. We didn't get lost coming home but toooo long. Rammy Teddy didn't seem to mind.

Once home, we received a great reception from the sheep--Beau wasn't too sure what to think. The girls were flirting and R.T. or T.R. or Rammy or Teddy was eating it up. He was smooching through the fence. By the time I got my camera, a half hour later, the girls had headed across the pasture leaving the new guy at the fence. He seems O.K. being here--- now if I can just figure out what to call him.

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