Friday, October 8, 2010


Weeks ago I looked out the south side windows of our home trying to visualize how the planned arbor would impact views. Is that weird?
Other than sleeping, a small portion of my day is spent inside, John also, yet I seriously considered how the arbor would look, particularly from our bed and John's desk. I have to admit, I did the same when it was necessary to change the location of an electric pole.

I do spend a few moments every morning gazing out-- thankful for a great, new, day--contemplating the plan for the day and noting the passage of the seasons. The rest of the day, when I am home, is outside working on various projects, hanging out with the animals, or working with fiber.

Yesterday, Karen and I sat in the arbor visualizing what it would become. We talked about future lunches (in the sun or dappled shade), gazing at the dyeing garden, harvesting grapes, and constructing tapestries. We did a little construction.

As far as construction goes, it is moving along at a nice slow pace. I see the project, as important in the visualizing and building stage as the finished stage. There is much to be learned in the process.

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  1. I told James how cool it's going to be. I may want one too. Not for weaving tapestries but for, oh, I don't know, just for fun. I'll watch yours come to life first. You're doing a great job.