Friday, October 29, 2010


Last SuNDAY aT the SAFF WORKShoP I leARNED ALL ThE THINGS I was doinG wrONG in My fiBer PrOduction. -- my computer is really going nuts this morning except now it seems to have settled down. Actually, fiber instructors say "anything goes" but encourage fiber novices to try certain techniques to accomplish yarn that might have more the qualities they need for specific projects.

In the workshop, we talked about angle of yarn twist, twist direction, wheel ratios which accomplishes twists per inch, spinning to the crimp, wraps per inch and other things. We were shown how to measure all of these things and then we were shown how to observe the yarn and check for BALANCED yarn. That is what we are looking for in the end unless we are not. For the most part, knitters, weavers, and other fiber people work with balanced yarn unless they are trying to create something a little more unique.

I knew the above terms and knew how to observe some of them but did not know how to technically measure them- so that was important for me to learn. I think it is important to understand how to get different results and then we can make decisions about what we REALLY want to have in the end. Sometimes it takes hours of practice and disciple to accomplish a preferred outcome and other times we can choose to let go of control and see what comes out in the end.

The photo is taken from my desk where I write.

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