Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Formal Introductions

I will take a friend's lead and begin this blog before I forget what I was going to write about. Twice in 2 days that has happened.

The ram shelter (bachelor pad) is finished. Rams have many "relationships" but never really marry so I guess they are bachelors all their lives. What a tough life! A week and a half of the two week quarantine has passed and the next step is fast approaching. I technically know what the next step is but alas I am not sure of the best approach.

"The Introduction" As I mentioned before, the girls have been over to the fence and have been flirting and the ram has been making some interesting noises and running around alot so what next? Should the ram go visit Beau and the girls and hang out for a few days before the excitement begins? Should Beau and the girls go over to the ram's pasture for a picnic to get acquainted? Should I wait and let the girls visit individually when their turn comes? Their times should be starting around Oct. 29th.

The 2 things that enter in to the decision are both male related. I don't want Beau to confuse breeding with the ram hurting his girls so I was thinking he should see them together before things get hot and heavy. I want the girls to go over to the ram's pasture for breeding so the ram won't be running around over the big pasture wearing himself out. If he goes over to the bigger pasture now will it be harder to get the courting to take place in the smaller pasture?

I emailed the women, that lives where Beau used to live, for advice on llama psychology and I wonder, as I wait for a reply, if this is yet another example of me over thinking everything.

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  1. What do you think would be harder, getting the ram to go back to his area or the girls back to theirs? That's usually the way I look at it. I have an easier time getting the girls back in their fence than the boys.

    I don't know about the Beau situation though. Could you put the girls in the ram's fence without Beau going too? Good luck.