Thursday, October 14, 2010

Refocussing with a little help from my friends

Today was one of those days my mind was spinning instead of of my hands. Too many things to think about and so many things I wanted to do. When I reached overload I headed for the barn. Animals definitely have a calming effect on me like millions of others.

First I encountered the new ram- Thor? He was relaxing in his new digs waiting for visitors. I tried on some new names for him.

Check out his shelter in progress.

I crimped an edge for a roof panel this morning so it should be done soon.

When I came upon the chickens they were intently looking for something.

A few minutes later two were strolling with Amelia while Beau looked stately except for that piece of hay hanging from his mouth like an old farmer.

I wish I knew which hen is still laying eggs in the nesting boxes in the chicken coop-- I 'd give her a medal. These I have to collect from the hay loft in the barn.

I think I liked it better when they were laying on top of the closet.

What a Beautiful Autumn day-- especially once I put the cluttered thoughts aside.

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  1. WOW!!!! That is some "un-temporary" shelter for Thor. Once again, I'm impressed with another of your out buildings.