Saturday, June 23, 2012

"Summer Time, and the Living is Easy?"

Five days again, how does this happen?  I am not even on vacation.  Two very successful weeks of fiber camp are over and I guess this coming week I will take care of some things that were put aside.  Hope the weather cooperates.  I have got to get up earlier but it is hard when I wake up at 3:00 and don't feel like I get back to sleep.  Most nights aren't bad though.

When we were having all the work done here, we put electricity in the barn and ran wires to the fiber shed so I can put a flood off the fiber shed toward the garden and then I could work in the barn, fiber shed, or garden at 3:00 A.M.  That would make for a long day!

Officially summer and how different it is here compared to the Cape.  We used to have a long string of family and friends visit in the summer- now it is usually spring for visitors or perhaps autumn.  We do have some family scheduled and some considering.  One of my sisters is a new grandmother so I am hoping her grandchild will get her to the east coast more often.

Still haven't gotten all the vegetable garden planted but I am not going to beat myself up.  We have a long season here and I can still plant some things.  Next year, there won't be so much prep work in the garden and I will be able to plant earlier.

For me summer is about swimming in the rivers and last night I had my feet in the Maury after a dinner out.  It is a mountain river and it was not at all cold.  Well, maybe in the deep pools, but I had my feet in the shallows.  The pass is SO beautiful now, the wild Rhododendrons are still blooming.

I like summer if it doesn't get too hot or last too long.  The sheep think it is too hot already and lay in the shade all day except early, early and late.  In the cool of the mornings sometimes they run back and forth across the pasture.  It is so fun to watch; they are like new lambs.  I am very pleased it still gets down in the low 60's or even 50's at night.

Ah Summer,  when will autumn be here?

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  1. I like the cool nights for sleeping too. It has been so hot here this spring, hotter than our usual summer! Sounds like a wonderful summer ahead!