Saturday, June 30, 2012

Fortunately and Unfortunately

We had a POWERFUL windstorm last night.  It was SCARY.  Fortunately all is well this morning.

Unfortunately it was dark and there are too many trees between the house and the barn to risk going down there last night.  Unfortunately the chickens had gone to bed but fortunately they are O.K. this morning.  Not sure where they slept last night, don't think they could have held on to the stanchion they have been roosting on.  Fortunately animals seem to know when severe weather is coming.

When we went down to survey the situation this morning we found medium and small limbs down but fortunately no trees.  Unfortunately there were a lot of small wild cherry leaf clusters and small branches  all over which are poisonous to sheep but fortunately there were more branches of locus which seems to be the sheep's favorite.  Fortunately the cherry is only poisonous in the wilt stage and I was able to get it up before that.  Unfortunately there is more in the upper pasture but fortunately the upper pasture is closed off to the animals now.

Later, I went down to town to pick up sheep feed I had ordered at the farmer's co op.  Unfortunately they didn't have power but fortunately they were charging things to peoples's accounts.  I went to the bank but unfortunately the ATM was down so I couldn't get money.  I decided to go to Kroger to get money but unfortunately they were closed too.  Fortunately I ran into a friend who loaned me $20 so I could go to the Farmers' Market to get a few things.  Fortunately the Farmers' Market doesn't need power to operate.  Fortunately I did not spend all the money because unfortunately I needed gas.  There were only a couple of gas stations open and they had long lines.  Unfortunately they could only take cash but fortunately I had $10 left and ended up in a short line.

Many downed large pine and locus trees in town and much of the area is without powder but Very fortunately there are many creeks and rivers where people can cool off.

We have no loss of trees or power -- I feel very fortunate.

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