Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Interesting Animal Behaviors

I think the invisible eggs hatched today.  Hard to be sure because the chicks are invisible as we might have guessed.  This was the due date and the broody hens abandoned their invisible nest.  Hopefully we will start getting visible eggs laid for us to eat soon.

Our neighbors must be wondering why they haven't been getting any eggs lately.  Between the two hens being broody and the snake snacking, we have eggs, few and far between.  I did get one egg yesterday and one today so we can eat pancakes and bake cakes.

The two hens that were broody are no longer sleeping on top of the closet but they are not roosting on the stanchion with the others either.  They are roosting on the half wall in the barn which would be O.K. with me but they poop there and there is a danger that their poop will end up in the sheep minerals bin which is screwed on one side of that wall.

I do enjoy the chickens most of the time and they do a pretty good job of cleaning up around but they are a little nuts sometimes, that is my opinion.  And the problem is, I think we need more chickens.

Maybe we need geese too, I am not sure.  I know we will need fish soon.  I am waiting to see what comes to us next in the way of farm animals.  I have been checking out Craigslist but I am not going to rush into anything, I am just going to put the feelers out.

The sheep were not going into the lower upper pasture much so John bush hogged the pasture to make it more like the barnyard but a little taller.  But they still prefer the barnyard.  It is too warm to close them into a pasture with little shade so I keep the gate open and they don't spend much time out in the correct pasture.  I decided to let them go into the area behind the garage/barn a little early in the grazing cycle because that would be better than eating the barnyard over and over.  They were very happy and even went into the new wild area and were grazing on tall stuff over their heads.  I have to check out tomorrow to see what it is that is so exciting over there.  It was a little late tonight.  I need a little fine tuning with this pasture rotation.  At least when they go down into the lower pasture next week there is shade down there.

I can't wait to see what everyone does tomorrow.

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