Monday, June 18, 2012

Animal "goings on"

I don't understand chickens.  We had two go broody and sit on top of the closet in the barn.  O.K. that sounds normal.  But they really didn't have a nest, just sat on the boards.  When I went to put fertile eggs under the one that was up there at the time, I only saw one egg.  I slipped under maybe 6 fertile eggs.  A few days later we saw a broken egg on the ground so maybe there were only 5 left.  John drilled holes to run electrical wires and they never moved.  Noticed one other, broken on the ground a few days later.  Then yesterday, when the 2 broody ones were taking a break and getting something to eat, I looked up on the shelf and saw no eggs.  So do they hide them when they leave the "nest"?  Are 2 hens just sitting up there for long stretches with no eggs under them?  I don't get it.

The tire trough got finished today!  I went up to see what the sheep thought of it this evening but they were more interested in staying up in the pasture to eat.  When the excavators finished grading, they seeded the area and put hay down.  They put down nice orchard grass hay with seed stalks in it, so that it would set seed as well.  The chickens followed after the guys seeding and tried to eat all the seed.  Later, I saw the sheep eating the hay.  Hopefully, the animals won't eat it all.

Second week of Fiber Camp (new set of campers) started today.  We were down talking to the sheep and came back to the fiber shed and two of the girls saw a black snake in the shed.  The girls stepped out and I showed the snake the door.  The girls didn't get upset, they just calmly stated that there was a black snake in the shed.  We have seen three blacks snakes within the past week, or perhaps the same snake 3 times.  I am not sure how far they travel.  Anyway, I think it is time to give it a name.  I think Blake is a good name for a 4 foot black snake.

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