Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Lovely Summer Days

Another productive day.  I continue to amaze myself.  I just keep finding a way to make a difficult job reasonable for me and then do it.  

Today was a little easier, with a cool, beautiful, clear, dry, day.  Wish we could have a few more but it is suppose to get in the low 90's for a few days.  Tomorrow may be just 85 so I guess I better finish my ditch to get water to my vegetable garden.  Why not- I am on a roll and I know 90's are going to drive me indoors to my closet projects.

I took some great pictures yesterday and I thought I would inspire or guilt Gail into posting some.

Gretta under a Rainbow

What a Charming Place
Opening for Farm Stays Soon

The Mimosa  was Exquisite this Year

A Peaceful Evening

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