Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Fun Has Begun

Wednesday night was like the opening scene of the movie "The Piano".  I loved that scene but I didn't like living it.  Mucky, mucky, mud- I had to get a couple of wheel barrow loads of straw to get to the chicken coop to close it up for the night.  I think it has rained every afternoon since we started the job.  Just late afternoon scattered thunder showers, but heavy and wet.  Sometimes, the crew had to stay late, to fill a ditch so they could get their truck to the other side to go home or to shut off a pipe so we could turn our water back on.  Yesterday, it did not rain all day and things began to dry out after morning fog.

 What's this pipe?

I was wondering if Zorra was trying to start the backhoe.

There have had to be big holes over night  and I was constantly worried the sheep would fall in.  When am I going to believe they see in the dark and avoid holes?  I just didn't realize how extensive the excavation was going to be.  And through all the excavating and all the noise the animals didn't complain much.  The two broody hens stayed in their spot on top of closet in spite of all the drilling and wires for the switch and outlet.  The sheep spent their time in the upper pasture and in the trees behind the barn.  At least this weekend will be a little break for everyone. 

Next week is the first week of fiber camp.  I am really looking forward to it  but we may be moving around a bit.  We would but anyway, but I don't know where the guys will be- when, so noise and excavating may be an issue.  We will just go with the flow.  It will be fun no matter what.

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