Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Not Yet

Zora's first snow

Still no new lambs! I was expecting Mira to lamb 7 days ago. Every day I say "she looks different", and think surely this will be the day. I have had dreams, Lyndy has had dreams, Mira has what I think are signs everyday but still we wait. Family came and went without seeing a lamb born. Sure glad Zora was here to entertain everyone.

It was nice having company going to the barn at night. It was nice have help with morning chores. It was nice having my brother work on the arbor. It was nice having Cathy clear out the dyeing garden. It was nice eating so well for 3 days. Thanks family!! We worked and we waited but still no new lambs.

Zora is checking out all the ewes trying to find someone to play with. Today, she strayed to far from mom (at least in Beau's mind). Beau put his nose on Sarah's flank and pushed her toward Zora as if to say, "please take better care of your lamb,". I think Sarah will be glad when Zora has some lambs to play with but I wonder if Beau will get overwhelmed?

Family is gone and now good friends are visiting. I sure hope they get to see new lambs. I checked the sheep info and it says just wait. O.K. I will wait-- What else can I do?

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  1. Someone will lamb today because it's cool and rainy.

    Thanks for having us Monday night. Loved hanging out with you and your family.

    I forgot and wore your coat home. Oops. Sorry.